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Qualification Awarded 硕士 Degree
Teaching language Chinese
Duration 2年
Start date September / February
Application Fee USD
Tuition Fee RMB/Y

General entry requirement

1, A Bachelor’s degree

Applicants are required to present an authenticated copy of at least a BA/BSc degree both in the original language and in English, as well as an official copy of the transcript of their studies. Graduating students need to send their certificates after the defense of the thesis work.

2, Successful entrance exam

3, Language requirements

The English-language skills of applicants are tested both in the written and the oral parts of the entrance exam and, therefore, a certificate proving the English-language skills of the applicants is not required to be enclosed in the application package.

   Application fee: 110 EUR 

Entrance exams to the Master’s Programs consist of the following two parts:

a. Written part: An essay to be sent via E-mail

Applicants are expected to do a case-study analysis on general social and economic topics so that they provide an independent, logically founded and professionally defendable standpoint on the issue in question. Applicants in the analysis are expected to use concepts and methods of the economic literature profoundly. The purpose is to see how well-informed applicants are in political and international issues, as well as to measure their theoretical knowledge and analytic skills.

b. Oral part: A telephone or Skype interview

The purpose of the interview is to measure applicants’ verbal competences, as well as to learn about their motivation for joining a program. Interviews are evaluated, among others, on the basis of how successful applicants are in communicating their ideas, what career plans they have in mind or how they think they can benefit from the Master’s program in order to meet their future goals.

General application documents